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Oxford Games Ltd was established in 1991 by Leslie Scott (the inventor of Jenga) and her former partner in design, Sara Finch.

The two friends, devised, manufactured and marketed over thirty games together until 1999 when they decided to licence out their entire Oxford Games Collection to the Lagoon Group, which successfully published many of the games for the next ten years.

In 2014, Leslie’s daughter, Frederica Scott Vollrath, herself a published game inventor and award winning designer, joined Oxford Games, eager to build on its past and take the company into the future. Freddie’s first step was to launch this new Oxford Games website and online store that is selling the pair’s own games, as well as other games they love to play.

The original Oxford Games Collection included many top selling, perennial favourites, which OG has decided to revive and republish. At present, Anagram and Ex Libris (and a new extension pack, Ex Libris – Addendum) are on the market. Also, we have republished Bookworm – the game of reading and remembering and Flummoxed – the foreign language bluffer’s game.

With Freddie leading the charge, the mother-daughter team is now focusing on designing a wide range of games for licensing out to other companies. So watch this space for new and exciting board game news!



Where to buy Ex Libris & Anagram,

Ex Libris and AddendumAnagram


UK stockists

In addition to the Oxford Games online shop, Ex Libris and Anagram are available from the following:


The Bodleian Library

Hoyles Games Ltd, Oxford

USA stockists

Ex Libris, Ex Libris-Addendum, and Anagram are stocked by

Scott Trading and Imports, LLC, South Carolina.

For further information on how to purchase and receive copies of these games in North America, please contact


Australia and New Zealand

Ex Libris is available from

The Puzzle and Games specialists (new Zealand)

The Puzzle and Games specialists (Australia)

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