Ex Libris Live Episode 00

Whilst we’re away on our summer holiday we thought we’d go through the archive and bring you the pilot episode of Ex Libris Live recorded at Corpus Christi College Oxford on the 27th of March 2015.

Our host David Freeman is joined by Craig Brown, Alex Bellos, John Lloyd and Helen Zaltzman

In this episode, the contestants write fake first or last sentences for books including:

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer – Mark Twain

Passions in the Sand – Barbara Cartland

The Spy Who Loved Me – Ian Flemming

Full Moon – P G Wodehouse

Lady Chatterley’s Lover – D H Lawrence

Malory Towers – Enid Blyton


Craig Brown is a critic and satirist best known for his Private Eye.  His Books are available here.

Alex Bellos is a writer, journalist and presenter best known for his books on Brazil and Mathematics as well as his column for the Guardian. His books are available here.

John Lloyd is a producer, writer and presenter best known for iconic shows such as; Spitting Image, Blackadder, QI, and author of The Meaning of Liff. His books are available here.

Helen Zaltaman is a writer, podcaster and broadcaster. Best known for her podcasts Answer Me This and The Allusionist. You can find out more about Helen’s work here.