Ex Libris Live Episode 02

Recorded on the 30th April 2016 in front of a live audience in Blackwell’s Bookshop, Oxford.

David Freeman hosts this episode of Ex Libris Live! where he is joined by authors Jerome Fletcher, Sally Bayley, Leigh Russell and zoologist, author and artist Jonathan Kingdon.

In this episode, the contestants write fake first or last sentences for books including:

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus – John Gray
The Phantom Rider – Walt Keene
Ice in the Bedroom – P. G. Wodehouse
Single & Single – John le Carré
Young Elizabeth: The making of our Queen – Kate Williams
The Viking’s forbidden love-slave – Michelle Willingham
People Watching: the Desmond Morris guide to Body Language – Desmond Morris
Blue Genes – Val McDermid

In the Ex Libris Live! Extras podcast (coming soon), you’ll be able to hear David talking with each of our guests in turn about their past work and current projects.


You can find Jonathan Kingdon’s book ‘The Kingdon Field Guide to African Mammals’ here.
Leigh Russell’s book ‘Journey to Death’ is available here.
Sally Bayley’s ‘The Private Life of the Diary: From Pepys to Tweets’ is available here.
Jerome Fletcher’s book ‘The Decadent Sportsman’, along with others of the Decadent series, are available here.