About Jenga


The remarkable business of creating a game that became a household name

Around the world, millions of people have played Jenga, but few know the surprising story of the British woman who created the game.

 From cattle ranches near Mt. Kenya to the Real Tennis courts of England, the story of Leslie Scott and Jenga weaves personal triumph and business success with keen insights into launching one of the best-known brands in the world.

 A British expatriate born and raised in Africa, Scott’s unconventional, often rocky path to success in the toy industry was driven by her unorthodox approach, her penchant for risk, and her passion for adventure. Along the way, she came to understand how certain ideas transform themselves into successful products. Through expert storytelling, Scott illuminates basic business concepts with unconventional linkages from explaining what African cattle and medieval heraldry can teach us about branding to discovering the keys to market differentiation by examining a coral reef.

 In her book About Jenga, Scott entertains with style whilst leading you into a fascinating world of creative success, practical business lessons, and hilarious but true stories.


‘About Jenga is terrific. I think it should become a must-read for author-inventor-entrepreneurs.’ – Bob Peirce, Chairman BritWeek, and former British Consul-General LA

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Hardcover: 192 pages
Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group LLC (1 Oct 2009)
Language: English

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