Anagram: The Ingenious Game Of Juggling Words

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Anagram is a uniquely fast-paced, exciting and challenging game for anyone who loves playing with words.

Players compete to collect as many words as possible, either by using new letters as they are revealed or by spotting anagrams and poaching their opponents’ words.

Play is fast and furious and fortunes can change right up to the end.

Players: 2-8

Ages: 8+

Time: 30 minutes

Designer: Leslie Scott & Sara Finch

Type of Game: Word Game / Large Player Amount / Quick Thinking


Anagram starts with the 90 letter tiles placed face down in easy reach of all players. One after the other, players turn over a tile, taking care that the letter revealed can be seen by all players at the same time. With no waiting as others ponder their moves, as soon as you spot a word that can be made from some or all of the up-turned letters, you may call out that word, pick up the tiles required to spell the word, and arrange the tiles to display the word in front of yourself.

If you or any player can make an anagram of an entire word belonging to any other player (including yourself), or can make a new word by adding extra letters (from the central pile) to an existing word, you shout out this new word (at any stage in the game) and claim the necessary letters to spell the word. Regardless of how many words you manage to make or steal during the game, you will only score points for those that remain in your possession at the end of play.

Devised and published by Oxford Games in 1991, and loosely based on the Victorian game of Word Making, Word Taking, Anagram is, without doubt, the word game enthusiast’s favourite game.

‘Anagram is a game for quick and steady thinkers… This is a cracking little game.’  The Play Cabinet

‘We have a set of Anagram that has travelled the world with us and everyone who tries it loves it… Highly recommended.’ Rivendell

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90x Letter tiles
1x Rules leaflet

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Not suitable for children under 36 months

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Dimensions15.5 × 13.2 × 3 cm

3 reviews for Anagram: The Ingenious Game Of Juggling Words

  1. Tim Gallagher

    I was very grateful that they were so helpful after i made a mistake while ordering, and they helped make sure the items reached the recipients by Christmas.
    A very freindly company.

  2. Fiona Erskine

    A brilliant, infuriating, hilarious, ultra-competitive game. The skill lies is stealing words from others by rearranging letters.

  3. Brigid

    This is a really fast paced fun game. It is the best anagram game I have played.
    Every body who you show it to loves it.
    My daughter brought it back from the U.K. years ago. I am thrilled you can now purchase it online.

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