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This is definitely one of the more unusual offerings from our German friends. An assortment of oddly shaped wooden blocks are placed on a  ‘platter.’ The platter has a cork ball on its underside, which is then placed on top of a conical stand. The trick is that the oddly shaped pieces are to be removed one-by-one, which has a high probability of upsetting the whole contraption’s delicate balance. The bigger the piece that you remove, the more points you’ll score, but be warned your greed may tip the balance and bring everything tumbling down!

OG recommends because: all Leslie ever does is knock things down, so this game does against her better nature! Bausack is a great challenge for steady hands and shaky suspense.

Age 6+

For 2-7 Players

Playtime 30mins

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Bamboleo is a game of skill for gravity experts and anybody who wants to become a gravity expert. A cork ball on the top of a wooden pedestal carries a board on which about 25 wooden pieces are placed. These pieces have different shapes, sizes and weights. In turn, each player takes away one of these pieces from the board, while trying to keep the board balanced. Some sloping positions of the board seem to be impossible and when it tumbles, the game is over. The player who is able to take the most pieces off the board (without causing it to tumble) is the winner. A wobbly challenge for the whole family and a pleasure to play, enjoy and watch.

Additional information

Product Contents

1x Cork Ball
1x Wooden Disk
1x Rules
25x Wooden Pieces
1x Balancing Stand

Product Safety

Not suitable for children under 36 months

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Weight1.6 kg
Dimensions38 × 7 × 37 cm


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