Canopy is a game in which two players compete to grow the most bountiful rainforest. The jungle ecosystem is full of symbiosis and mutualism, and players must grow tall trees and lush jungle plants to attract the most diverse wildlife. By carefully selecting what grows in your forest, you can create the ideal balance of flora and fauna and develop a thriving rainforest.

OG recommends because: Canopy is an excellent two-player game with beautifully integrated artwork. 

Players: 2 (with 1 & 3-4 player variant)

Ages: 8+

Time: 30 minutes

Designer: Tim Eisner

Type of Game: Two-Player / Push Your Luck / Set Collection

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In the game, players take turns selecting new cards for their forest from three growth piles. Each time you look at a pile, you may select it and add those cards to your rainforest tableau, or return the pile face down, adding one additional card to it. As the piles grow, you must search for the plants and animals that will benefit your forest the most — but choose carefully as the jungle also contains dangers in the form or fire, disease, and drought.

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Product Contents

140x Rainforest Cards (112 Standard & 28 Advanced)
21x Seed Cards
5x Season/Growth Cards (3 Standard, 2 Variants)
50x Point Tokens
3x Tallest Tree Awards
1x Largest Forest Award
2x Player Aid Cards
11x Shifting Season Cards
10x Wildlife Tokens
4x Starting Trunk Cards

Product Safety

Not suitable for children under 36 months

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Dimensions18 × 13 × 3 cm


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