Ex Libris: The Game Of First Lines And Last Words

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Ex Libris has been a firm favourite with book lovers, and readers and writers, since Oxford Games first devised and published the game in 1991.

Ex Libris is a subtle, yet highly entertaining game of bluff that will challenge your literary acumen and test your writing skills as you attempt to compose fake, but plausible, first or last lines for genuine English novels.

One hundred authors representing widely different writing styles are featured in Ex Libris – from Charles Dickens to Harold Robbins, from Jane Austen to Barbara Cartland.

Players: 4+ (best with 5-8 players)

Ages: 8+

Time: 30 minutes

Designer: Leslie Scott & Sara Finch

Type of Game: Party Game / Large Player Amount / Bluffing / Creative Writing

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Ex Libris comprises a hundred cards, each of which gives you the title, author and plot summary of an English language novel or short story.

At the start of a round one player, taking a turn as the reader, picks a card and reads it out loud. The other players then have each to write a plausible opening or closing sentence to the work in an attempt to bluff fellow players into believing his or her ‘script’ to be the genuine one. These are all handed in to the reader, who has meanwhile written down the genuine sentence (given on the back of the card). The genuine and fake are shuffled together, and then each sentence is read out. Each player votes for the sentence he/she believes is the real one.  Players win a point for each vote cast for his or her entry (while further points are won if you manage to identify the genuine sentence). The reader receives a point if no one manages to identify the authentic sentence.

‘Splendid fun. Quite often you’re not writing what you think the *actual* line is, more what you think the other players will think it is. Or, if you play with the bunch I’ve played with ……. you get a bunch of comedy lines. e.g. The book was Black Beauty. Pete’s offering for first line was: ‘neigh, neigh and thrice neigh!’ Jasper Fforde’s Phorum

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2 reviews for Ex Libris: The Game Of First Lines And Last Words

  1. Tim Gallagher

    I filled in my order incorrectly and they went above and beyond to get the two items to my mum for Christmas.

    Mum and sisters love the game!

  2. Rach (verified owner)

    My friend loves books so we thought this would be the perfect game for her! She loved it and the team at Oxford Games are just lovely too- had such a positive customer service experience. Thanks guys!

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