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The game where everyone knows the answer…

…but the Question is inspired by the Gods.

In Ancient Greece, the nine muses were believed to provide inspiration for all of mankind’s creative endeavours and the Greeks often worshipped these goddesses by organising games of skill and knowledge.

Inspiration is a game of ‘skill and knowledge’ in which players once again call upon the nine muses to inspire them in their creative endeavours.

In Inspiration your creative skill is tested when you are asked to write a plausible Question for a given Answer. Your aim is to try and bluff fellow players into believing that your question is correct.

Your general knowledge is tested when you are asked to identify the correct question from those so creatively written to bluff you!

Originally devised in 1994 by Oxford Games Ltd for the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, Inspiration has been out of print for many years. But we are hoping to re-publish this ‘little gem of a game’ soon, and will keep you posted. Meanwhile, as part of our Vintage Collection we have a very few copies for sale from our archives.

Age 12+

For 4+ Players

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‘Here’s a marvellous little gem of a game. Players take turns drawing cards on which a question and answer are written. For example: “What is the diameter of a basketball ring?” (eighteen inches) or “Who was the first athlete to be featured on a stamp?” (Hercules). The player reads out only the answer and the other players then each devise a plausible question, write it down, and hand it to the first player to read out. Everyone then has to decide which they think is the correct question on the card. You score points, in the form of Muse cards, for getting it right or if someone else was fooled by your question. Split your sides laughing and see those creative juices flow out! A good ’un.’ M.A.R. Barker


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45x Muse cards
155x Double-sided answer and question cards
1x Score pad
Rules of play and information scroll

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Not suitable for children under 36 months

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  1. Chris Craig

    This is one of our favorite games ever! We do hope you republish it, as well as perhaps some supplemental sets of cards.

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