You are a paperback author trying to finish novels for your editor. Complete Westerns, Science Fiction, Romance or even the rare Best-Seller. Live the dream — and maybe pay the bills.

Word-building meets deck-building in the unique game Paperback. Players start with a deck of letter cards and wild cards. Each hand they form words, and purchase more powerful letters based on how well their word scored. Most letters have abilities that activate when they are used in a word, such as drawing more cards or double letter score. Players buy wilds to gain victory points. Variant included for cooperative play.

OG recommends because: Paperback is a facinating take on word building games, would recomend to anyone that loves liturature and words!

Players: 2-5

Variant: Co-Op Mode

Ages: 8+

Time: 45 minutes

Designer:  Tim Fowers

Type of Game: Set Collection / Word Game / Open Drafting


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Paperback blends the skill of word games like Scrabble™ with the interesting choices of deck-building games like Dominion™. There are many ways to win – making short powerful words, long clever words or possibly a double word score.  Each card has a distinct ability that can dramatically help your score if used wisely.

In each hand there is usually one perfect word that will use all your letters – you just need to find it!   Flexibility comes from two elements: a ‘common’ vowel and wild letter cards.  The ‘common’ vowel can be used by all players and changes throughout the game.  You will have several wild cards in your deck – wilds also double as victory points, which determine the winner.

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208x cards
11x Dividers
17x cubes

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Not suitable for children under 36 months

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