Pi Mal Pflaumen


The name Pi mal Pflaumen is a play on the expression “Pi mal Daumen” — “rule of thumb” or “roughly” — which also originated in that period, but now instead of thumbs, players are concerned with fruit. On a turn, players play one fruit card from their hand at a time, then they each claim one of the played cards based on the strength of the card that they played. Each card depicts a fruit, and some of the cards also feature a scoring pattern (e.g., hand in three identical fruits or two pairs of matching fruits) or a special action, such as collecting an additional plum card, stealing a card from an opponent, taking the dog to protect yourself from theft, or collecting three π cards (which can be played singly or in combination with a number card to increase the value of your initial play).

OG recommends because: This is a beautiful and tricky game, which plays like a trick taking game mixed with an auction house!

Age 8+

For 3-5 Players

Play time 30-40 min

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A game of Pi mal Pflaumen is played over 3 Rounds and each Round consists of 6 tricks (or 5 tricks in a 5-player game). Each player plays exactly 1 Fruit card per trick. The player who played the highest number can choose 1 of the played cards. The other players follow accordingly – the last player must take the card that is left, but he also receives a Plum card. Some Fruit cards have a Special Action that you can carry out when taking the card. To win this game, however, you must combine your Fruit cards to lucrative Fruit Mixes worth Points.

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119 Cards
2 Rule Sheets (English, German)

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Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months

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