Slappy Camper


Race to stock up your camper!

Flip the cards to see what camping gear you can pack next, then use your marshmallow slapper to smack the matching card on the table. Slap the wrong card and you may find yourself unpacking! Be the first to fill your camper with no extra spaces – it’s harder than it looks! No matter your age, you can keep your mind sharp while having fun with this quick-thinking game.

It’s a game of quick-reflexes and creative problem solving. Practice storytelling – use your imagination to tell a story about your trip using each of the items in your camper. Things can get wacky when you are traveling with two guitars, a lawn chair and a single boot!

Gameplay is short so you’ll be begging for a rematch! Happy Trails!

OG recommends because: Slappy Camper is a game that will get you giggling and testing how fast your reaction speed is.

Players: 2-4

Ages: 5+

Time: 10 minutes

Designer: Frederica Scott Vollrath

Type of Game: Real Time / Action / Reaction Speed

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To start Slappy Camper, give everyone a camper and marshmallow on a stick slapper.  Spread all of the camping equipment out on the table and notice some of them are kind of similar looking but not the same.  Give the freshly shuffled deck to someone (preferably someone who you need to slow down a little in this speed game) and get playing.  Once a card is flipped the first person to slap the exact match with their marshmallow gets to keep the object and place it on the grid in their camper.  Slap something incorrect or slap something that doesn’t fit in your camper? Take something out of your camper and return it to the table.  First player who fills their camper without overfilling their campers wins!

• Slap matching gear for your camper and be the first to get all packed!
• Kids practice quick thinking, fast reflexes and creative problem solving
• Fun for groups of mixed ages

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Product Contents

4x camper game boards
4x marshmallow slapper sticks
47x camping gear pieces
94x camping gear cards

Product Safety

Not suitable for children under 36 months

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Weight0.820 kg
Dimensions34 × 25 × 6 cm


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