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The Lost Words is a card game based on the stunning book by best-selling author Robert Macfarlane and acclaimed illustrator of over forty beloved classics, Jackie Morris.

The Lost Words is a simple draw/event/discard game with a take-that element via the action cards. The game is won by placing your spell (poem) cards over beautifully illustrated nature cards before your opponents. The players’ quests will be blocked — or aided — by special action cards that create a most exciting dynamic throughout the game. The first player to match their four nature cards with the correct spell cards wins.

OG recommends because: The Lost Words is a stunningly illustrated simple and quick game. A perfect little game for those times when you want to be wowed but are short on time!

Players: 2-4

Ages: 8+

Time: 15-30 minutes

Designer: Robert Hyde

Type of Game: Hand Management / Matching / Take That

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To begin setup, divide the cards into two different decks depending on the back of the cards. One deck will include the Nature Cards and the other will include the Spell Cards and the Special Cards. Both decks will then be shuffled separately.

Give each player four Nature Cards. These will be placed face-up in a row in front of each player. Two of the remaining Nature Cards may be placed face-up in the middle of the table while the rest are returned to the box.

From the other deck, deal three cards to each player, facing down. These cards should be held in a way that other players are unable to see the cards. The rest of the cards are then placed in the middle of the playing area with the top card revealed beside the original deck. This will create the discard pile. The game is then ready to begin!


There is no rule for who will begin the game. The first player will make one of two moves during their turn. The player may choose to play a Spell Card to their Nature Card. Each Spell Card shows which Nature Card it may be paired with. This is the only match that can be made.

They may choose to play a Special Card. Each card has its own action that may need to be followed, some of which affect other players in the group. After a card has been played, if it is not paired with a Nature Card, it is placed in the discard pile. The player may then draw a card from the draw pile to refresh their hand.

Gameplay continues around the group until a player has matched a Spell Card with all four of the Nature Cards in front of them. Once this happens, the game comes to an end, and the player who completed the action first wins the game!


The game comes to an end when a player has matched all four of their Nature Cards with a Spell Card. This player is determined to be the winner!

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20x Special Cards
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