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From the craggy hillsides of Edinburgh to the sunlit docks of Constantinople, from the dusty alleys of Pamplona to a windswept station in Berlin, Ticket to Ride Europe takes you on an exciting train adventure through the great cities of turn-of-the-century Europe.

A new train adventure across turn-of-the-century Europe, visiting great cities and collecting points along the way.

OG recommends because: Amazing game. Just as good as the original (if not better), but with added choices. Ticket is a fantastic game, easy to learn but with deep gameplay.

Age 8+

For 2-5 Players

Play time 30-60 min

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Ticket to Ride: Europe features brand new gameplay elements. Tunnels may require you to pay extra cards to build on them, ferries require locomotive cards in order to claim them and stations allow you to sacrifice a few points in order to use an opponent’s route to connect yours. The game also includes larger format cards and train station game pieces.

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Product Contents

1x board map of European train routes
225x coloured train cars
158x illustrated cards
15x stations
5x wooden scoring markers
1x rules booklet

Product Safety

Not suitable for children under 36 months

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Dimensions30 × 30 × 8 cm


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