The first ANAGRAM challenge!

Can you beat OG at its own game, Anagram, the ingenious game of juggling words?

In the game pictured below, the letter P has just been revealed.

What is the highest scoring word you can make? Use some or all of the words already on the board, together with any (or none) of the letters face up in the centre.

Just remember: The rules of Anagram dictate that you must use all of the letters of any word you poach from another player, and the word you make must be entirely different to those already on the board e.g. you can’t just change the tense or pluralise an existing word. (e.g. adding an ‘s’ or ‘ed’)

We’ll reveal the word we have managed to make (scoring 39 points) in a few days, do you think you can match or beat us? Let us know your word in the comments below or by tweeting us using the #OGLfun.

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