The Oxford Games Online Store is now open!

The new Oxford Games online store is selling a gift edition of Classic Jenga which includes an extra brick that I’ve signed (as Jenga’s inventor).


Also on sale are two OG games, Ex Libris, the game of first lines and last words, & Anagram, the ingenious game of juggling words, which I devised with my former partner-in-design, Sara Finch, and which remain two of my all time personal favourites. In addition, through the OG Vintage Collection, we’ll be selling first-edition copies of other Scott & Finch designed games that have been out of print for a few years – including BookWorm, the game of reading and remembering (which OG plan to republish next year). Finally, exclusive to the UK, we bring you Jungoeira – a game devised by my daughter (and new business partner),  Frederica Scott Vollrath.